Video to make your mouth water: National Pizza Day


DENVER — Melted cheese with thick spicy sauce and the aroma of fresh basil … and that crust. You can almost taste it just by the sound when it breaks.

Friday was National Pizza Day. There are as many styles of pizza as there are toppings. We bring you three pizza joints from the Denver metro area that are sure to tickle your pallet and pizza passion.

In 1973 in Idaho Springs, Colorado, a small little pizza operation called Beau Jo’s made the scene. With their famous, and thick, hand made, fresh daily mountain pie. The crust is so thick that they serve their pizza with honey so you can have dessert as well.

From Mile High to Motown, welcome to Blue Pan Pizzeria in the Highlands in Denver. Their specialty? Detroit style pizza. Thick,  twice baked crust served in square pans is sure to please.

From Detroit to the Big Apple. Bill Ficke’s New York style pizza in Centennial has been an authentic one stop shop to satisfy your craving for the pie you fold before you devour.

Which one do we love most? Pizza is like our kids, they’re all different but we love them all the same!

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