Blue Pan Pizza

bluepanpizzadenvercoloradoSure, plenty of pizza snobs will say no good pizza exists outside of New York or Chicago, but they are wrong. For example, you can get an amazing Detroit-style pie at Blue Pan Pizza in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver. Here, Motor City transplant and international pizza master Jeff Smokevitch whips up quality pizzas that showcase a cheese-laden golden crust that’s deep, supple, and the perfect vehicle for superb toppings. This could include roasted Anaheim green chilies, house-made pesto, fresh pineapple, applewood-smoked bacon, roasted garlic and plenty of cheeses. Of course, if you really need a little NYC in your slice, opt for the Brooklyn Bridge, a stunning pie with New York ricotta, natural-casing pepperoni, Italian sausage, garlic, mozzarella, brick cheese and Sicilian oregano. Aside from Detroit-style, Blue Pan also serves Chicago thin crust and classic Italian pies. 3930 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO; Read the full article here!